Sarah C.

It was really nice traveling with the Rockabus. I did go on a trip alone last week and I found it really boring to just travel using a regular cab or a bus, so I decided to just hire the Rockabus. It was so satisfying that I did because I got to meet new people who love traveling like me. It made my whole trip more fun and exciting even though I’m not really with these people. In fact, there was this person whom I really got close with while we were on the same bus that day. We even planned traveling together for the next day because she knew my place of destination much more than I did. She volunteered to tour me around. My whole trip went well especially with the help of Rockabus.


Glen L.

I loved traveling to different places with the Rockabus especially whenever I go on a trip with family or friends. We get to enjoy exploring the cities or countries with this transport service. It was very convenient to hire Rockabus since they have a good system of dropping you off and picking you up on time. I do not know how they do it by they are really on the dot. There would be some late pick-up sometimes but only if there was a heavy traffic but nonetheless, great service! Please keep up the good work.


Hana K.

I went to Chicago last time and hired the Rockabus for my transportation. I really loved my whole trip because of it. I used to be so disappointed when traveling most of the time because of the transportation, however, this bus service gave me utmost satisfaction. I am so glad that my trip turned really well and I got to enjoy exploring some tourist spots in Chicago. It would be nice to see them in Asian countries though. I hope they include it in their service.