Hi, I always wanted to try and hire the Rockabus for my travels, however, I’m not sure in what places you are available and what is the extent of your coverage. Can I find Rockabus on Chicago as well?

Hello, thank you so much for sending us a question and thinking about traveling with us. Yes, we are available in Chicago as well. You can find us in no time there since we are all over the place. To check out other places we cover, just visit our location tab and see the map for the Rockabus.


Does Rockabus serve in Asian countries too?

Hi! We would like to tell you that Rockabus not yet available in Asian countries. We are mainly available in the United States, the American continents, and Europe as of the moment. But we are planning on covering Asia soon, so please stay tuned.


Can I ask transportations from the Rockabus online? If it’s possible, how can I do it?

Hello, thank you so much for sending us your question. Yes, Rockabus can be booked online as well. Just go to the tab that says ‘hire us’ and there you will see the instructions and forms you need to sign to avail our services. We will need a schedule of you full trip so might as well attach it with the forms. Please indicate also where you want us to pick you up and drop you off in the different locations you would travel to. It could be done online so please refer to that tab, thank you.


Can I cancel my transportation with Rockabus before or even when already traveling with them?

Hi! Yes, you may cancel your schedule until two days prior to your scheduled trip with us. You would be charged however a 10% service fee which would be subtracted to the amount we are going to refund to your accounts. For cancellations during the trip, just talk to the staff on the bus so that they can settle everything in no time. However, in this case, you’d be charged 50% of the total amount for the whole trip and also a 10% service charge.