About Us

Rockabus has been here for many travelers all over the world for 10 years now. Up until now, we still provide great services in terms of transportations for them. The Rockabus is a way of transportation that accommodates and welcomes different people with different destinations to ride together in one bus without missing everyone’s schedule for their trip. We know that it is often hard for us to find a means of transport that could fit into our budget or is easy to find. This is the reason why we created Rockabus, a perfect transportation for travelers from different places.

Through Rockabus, we intend for people to have a great time visiting different places and tourist spots they want to go to as long as they create a schedule for it. We require our clients to do a plan or schedule of their own trip so that we could drop them off or pick them up on time. Even with other people on the same bus, we kept track on time and the differences in their schedules. The schedule they make would allow us to plan everyone’s trip accordingly without crossing each other’s time. This way, we won’t stumble into any obstacles or hassles as we help them get to their destinations and pick them up later.

For years, the Rockabus has been successful and we are happy that we are able to provide great services for people out there who love to go on a trip and explore many places. We are people with the same interest in traveling all over the world. The Rockabus team aims to let the people like us to have the best time of their lives as they travel alone or with a group. We make your travel easier and way more convenient than with other types of transportation.