Hiring a Professional for Garage Door Repair

The modern garage door is created to make your life easier because you don’t need to come out from your car to unlock and lift the garage door manually.

An automatic garage door system allows you to push a button for operating a motor that pulls up the garage door for you. Definitely, like a mechanical system, some problems can happen with the garage door due to the frequent use. Proper knowledge about the garage door problems will help you to fix them promptly so that you can enjoy the convenience of your garage door forever. Following are the common problems encountered by many homeowners. In this article, I will tell how to fix the problem and when it is the right time to call a professional expert like Flight Garage Door Repair to handle the garage door repair work.

Damaged garage door springs

Modern garage doors come with a build-in torsion springs system which helps the motor to raise and lower the door. Although garage door springs are made from strong and durable material but they don’t stay forever. These springs can break due to frequent use over several years. They have expected life up to 7 years depending on the amount of usage. If your garage door has torsion springs, it is highly recommended that hire a garage door expert to change the springs. It is quite a dangerous job so stay away from doing it.

Damaged garage door panels

Garage door is designed with multiple panels which will also suffer extreme wear and tear with the passage of time. They can start to warp and cracks if left unmaintained. You don’t ignore the fact that panels provide support to the metal frame of garage door, so replacing the garage door panels is the best solution. Adjust the panels carefully to make the right alignment of the garage door.

Malfunctioning garage door opener

Garage door opener problems are common and easy to fix. If the remote of the garage door fails to start the motor then try to operate the wall-mounted unit. If it works, then change the batteries of the remote. In case, new batteries fail to resolve the issue, it indicates that the button of the remote becomes stuck. It is also possible that the garage door remote sending different frequencies than receiver. It is worthy to call a professional garage door company to check the frequency. 

Broken or displaced garage door cables

Garage door consists of a series of cables and pulleys which support the door to open and close. Although the garage door cables look strong they can break easily. Pulleys can be twisted and tensed due to the improper installation. Either they can slip or break, both the situation will result in the non-functioning garage door. If the garage door cables slipped from the pulleys, you can reposition it on your own. It is a simple but dangerous operation. So it is wise to call an expert technician to handle this problem. 

Bent garage door tracks

There are multiple tracks of garage doors. When the garage door motor operates, the cables raise the door on these tracks. As long as the garage door tracks are balanced, there should be no issue.  When tracks become misaligned, twisted, or damaged the entire garage door will be at the risk. The garage door can potentially fall due to misalignment. So never ignore or postpone the problem.

When to hire a garage door technician

To maintain or repair the garage door, it is good to hire a certified and trained technician who has the expertise to handle the automatic garage door and knows how to resolve the complex problems to make the garage door functional again.


Get a Ride with Rockabus

Some people have many problems when it comes to going on a trip or in traveling to different places. Th ere are times when we want to bring our car because we need it and the place we’re going to is a hard place for commuters. It could also be that our car is not secured to be left behind because we have a need for garage door repair in Tempe. It is understandable that we wouldn’t want to leave it behind when we know that our garage is not safe as of the moment. However, there are also times when we feel like not driving especially if our place of destination is a bit far. We prefer looking for other means of transport especially if the road is not that familiar to us. For this cases, there are definitely other options for transport you could choose from.

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There were schedules for my trip and for other people’s as well. It was like going on a field trip, to be honest and I liked it very much. But to give you a few tips, it’s better to call them or give them a message a few days before your actual flight. This is to allow them to have enough time to arrange your schedule with those people who would ride with you. Rockabus would drop me off a place and return back later to pick me up again. What I love the most is that they are always on schedule which was very convenient. This is indeed a must-recommended form of transport.